NO-VEL Post 159 (941) 488-1157


August 2022 

Not sure where to begin to start when it comes to listing all the great things that are happening in our Post. The new officers are working hard to get us back on track. They are really a great group of guys that have the best interests of the Post and it’s members in mind. The office personnel and Adjutant are dedicated to running a top notch, efficiently functioning office. Our bartenders are the best of the best. I hesitate to mention any individuals specifically but three that really stand out and have jumped up to the task are Nick Bischof our Finance officer who has put in an amazing number of hours in work on the budget, accounting control and contract research. Another is our Veteran Service Officer (VSO) Mike Sabo. Mike is a certified VSO and can advise our Veterans on benefits available. In addition, he has met with Veterans that are not members and has been responsible for signing up almost 30 new members since he took the position. Also, Ray Kempisty our Judge Advocate has worked tirelessly coordinating the efforts in the ongoing lawsuit. It is important to take notice that all of our officers are non-paid, non-compensated volunteers that dedicate many hours to performing their support of our Post. Without volunteers and dedicated employees our Post would not exist. We continue with bingo, yoga, Lutz Buddy Up, the Veterans once a month clinic as well as various Veteran and community organizations meeting here. Norm MacLellan our 2nd vice has put together entertainment that the members look forward to every Thursday and Friday nights and in October that will be expanded back to include Saturday evenings. Lew Borofsky has gotten new brochures printed up that describe our Post and is going to distribute to surrounding communities. If you would like to help and get them out to your HOA I am sure he would be glad to get the assistance. I believe we all know new to the area retirees that have moved into the area. They have left family and friends back home and may be looking to get out and make new friends and have fun. If they can join the Legion, Sons or Aux encourage them to do so. Bring them in to the Post for bingo or on an entertainment night as your guest. Invite them to join our Post and celebrate their patriotism. Looking forward a couple months on Veterans Day, we will have our annual program paying respect and thanking all Veterans. On Saturday November 12th we are going to have an open house to show off our great facility. As part of that open house, we are inviting any vendors or organizations that help Veterans in any way to set up a table and provide their info. If any members know of a vendor or organization that may be interested please have them get in touch with me or leave a message with the office. Also, as an added bonus we will have draft beer at 2 bucks and American Comfort (Brewburgers) will have 2-dollar hot dogs the 11th and 12 th . Most if not all of the local members have seen the new menu that American Comfort has made available to us. The snowbirds really have something to look forward to on their return. Prices are more than reasonable and despite the inflation and supply shortages, have not been raised since the menu was introduced. Food quality and variety is excellent. In addition, prices at the bar cannot be beat. So instead of sitting home with concerns about the economy and inflation come out to your Post for game night, bingo or an entertainment night. It is far less expensive than going downtown. Plus, you are surrounded by great people. A couple weeks ago longtime member and proud Marine Cliff White won the Queen for $7325,00. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Thanks to Robin Hill and her volunteers for running game night every Monday. Laura, our bartender that everyone here loves is due back in September. To help her with her medical bills for her recent win over cancer, the Legion Riders will be having a poker run on September 17th. Also, on the calendar is the Legion Golf Tournament on October 22 nd . will benefit Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital for Pediatric Cancer. For more info see Dick Butler, Gary Ley, the NO-VEL post web site or stop in the office. As always, the best way to check on what is going on is to grab a calendar in the Post lobby or get on the internet at and click the 3 bars in the top left and look for “events calendar”.

Respectfully submitted, Commander Don MacLean